New biopolymer-based solutions for dust control.

Updates from our Export Manager

Export Manager Kemion Oy

Year 2024 started with exciting changes at Kemion as we welcomed Heikki Takko, our new Export Manager, at the beginning of the year. Bringing years of experience and fresh ideas, our new team member is set to lead us in expanding our export operations.

At Kemion, we are committed to sustainable development by producing and selling environmentally friendly alternatives to dust binding, de-icing, and corrosion protection. Our products improve safety and reduce environmental impact. The role of the Export Manager is crucial as we strive to bring these innovative solutions to a broader international market.

The first few months

In the first few months, Takko has worked on a new export strategy, building international networks, and increasing sales both in Finland and abroad. Takko has participated in international trade shows, learning more about the market and forming new partnerships. Additionally, Takko has recently participated in field trials in Estonia, where we tested our new innovative biopolymer-based dust control solution. Field trials provided valuable insights into the product’s performance under real-world conditions.

Versatile opportunities for eco-friendly products abroad

We see that Kemion’s environmentally friendly dust control and de-icing products have significant potential in international markets. Many countries are increasingly focusing on sustainable solutions to meet regulatory requirements and public demand for environmentally responsible practices. Our products offer an attractive combination of safety, efficiency, and reduced environmental impact, making them appealing to businesses and municipalities worldwide. Furthermore, we can provide effective and customer-centric product development and research. By leveraging these advantages, we aim to establish a strong presence in key markets and contribute to global sustainability efforts.

On the product development side, various biopolymer solutions are generating significant interest, and we see clear growth potential in the future. We already have experience with biopolymers in seed coating, protecting mineral piles in the mining industry, as well as dust binding on roads, so the possibilities for use are highly diverse.

Looking ahead

Takko is optimistic about the future. Kemion’s goal is to increase awareness of our sustainable de-icing and dust binding solutions abroad in the coming years. And this work is well underway. In the coming months, we hope to announce our first distribution agreements with resellers in local markets, and the reception in discussions on sustainable, chloride-free products for dust binding and de-icing is almost always positive and opens up opportunities. With our innovative product development and effective export strategy, we are ready to achieve our goals.

It has been a pleasure to see how our new Export Manager has integrated into the Kemion team and begun to implement a vision that supports the growth and success of both our company and our customers.