Refrigeration and heat transfer

Indirect cooling systems based on cooling fluid have long been a well-established technology in air conditioning cooling, ice rinks and arenas, food industry and many different applications in the process industry. In the future, the share of refrigerant solutions will grow even more due to stricter refrigerant regulations and reasons related to the safety of new refrigerants. Kemion’s environmentally friendly Eco-Cooler is an excellent solution for efficient cooling.


Eco-Cooler is an environmentally friendly cold and heat transfer solution developed by Kemion. Thanks to its low viscosity, the product’s heat transfer properties are excellent, especially at low operating temperatures.

If product gets into the ground, the substance breaks down completely and is therefore safe to use in groundwater areas as well.

Eco-Cooler is perfectly suited as a cooling fluid for ice rinks and cooling plants.


Eco-Cooler is a formate-based heat transfer fluid with excellent heat transfer and refrigeration properties.

  • Low viscosity
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • High specific heat capacity
  • Classified as harmless and non-flammable
  • Decomposes quickly in the soil if leaked into the environment
  • Freezing point -50 °C
  • May be diluted with good quality water in a 1:1 volume ratio resulting in a freezing point of -20 °C
  • Eco-Cooler is delivered in bulk or in 1000 litre IBC containers.