Environmentally safe solutions

Kemion’s passion is to offer our customers the best and environmentally friendly chemistry.

"We see that the market needs new, improved and more sustainable products and innovations."

Kemion’s passion is to offer our customers the best and environmentally friendly chemistry. We see that the market needs new, improved and more sustainable products and innovations. We are genuinely enthusiastic about chemistry and the countless possibilities it offers.

We are proud of our expertise and the position we have achieved through innovation, reliability, and excellent customer service. Our operations are responsible and based on our company’s values ​​and ethically sustainable business principles.


Customer-oriented approach

We listen to and appreciate our customers


We act in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner while promoting sustainable development and environment protection.

We do not compromise on the safety of people, animals or the environment.

We are committed to the well-being and success of our stakeholders and staff.

Solution-oriented approach

We are an innovative company, constantly creating new solutions for our customers


We enable clean breathing air and safe roads with top expertise and green chemistry-based dust-binding and de-icing solutions.


The most expert green chemistry-based dust-binding and de-icing service company in Northern Europe.

Kemion’s story

Kemion Oy is a chemical company founded in 2013 that specialises in providing sustainable solutions. We want to give our customers the best possible products and customer service precisely for their needs. Kemion’s solid expertise is rooted in long-term experience at Kemira, where the interest in de-icing and ice melting started. Over the past ten years, we have deepened our expertise in de-icing and ice melting, dust binding, corrosion protection and refrigeration and have grown into a reliable and well-known partner in many different industries.

We focus on developing and manufacturing environmentally sustainable and safe products that offer effective alternatives to traditional solutions. We want to act as pioneers and promote sustainable development with our activities.

Due to our innovativeness and active product development, we are a world-class player, especially in the field of de-icing and dust binding. The interest in innovating even better solutions for the market has also made us a significant player in corrosion protection and refrigeration technology. Our passion for continuous research enables us to effectively respond to the changing needs of our customers.

Our customers are of the utmost importance to us, and customer orientation is one of our values. We invest in long-term partnerships so that we can offer our customers the best possible solutions. Our strong expertise in various segments as well as continuous development work are visible in all our activities and make us a responsible, reliable operator.

Kemion vastuullisuus


We are committed to ethical and responsible business in accordance with sustainable development. We pay attention to environmental, social, and financial responsibility in all our activities. Our responsibility work is based on our values ​​and is a significant part of our strategy.

As a responsible operator, we take the environment into account in all our activities. We focus on developing, manufacturing, and offering our customers environmentally sustainable products that have minimal environmental effects and enable cleaner breathing air. Our environmentally friendly solutions help our customers to save and allocate their resources and increase safety in different locations. We do continuous development work and strive to reduce the company’s environmental impact without compromising quality.

We are committed to taking care of our personnel, customers, partners, and other stakeholders as well as the society in which we operate. We strive for long-term and smooth co-operation with different parties. Committed, competent personnel who act according to our values ​​are the foundation of our operations. It is important for us to promote the development of an even more sustainable society.

In our operations, we strive for continuous growth and development without compromising quality. Economic responsibility can be seen in efficient and responsible use of resources, risk management, and generating consistent and long-term economic benefits for various stakeholders.

Quality and environment

Kemion has received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates as a result of long-term work. Certificates issued by DNV communicate our reliability and our commitment to quality and responsibility.

ISO 9001 is an international standard that defines the quality system requirements for a company. Our operations comply with high quality standards, and we are committed to continuous improvement. We have set quality goals for our operations that are related to customer experience and satisfaction, competent personnel, reliability, and responsiveness. Our quality policy covers the entire company’s operations and emphasizes customer oriented approach, professional personnel, and the desire to develop and improve our high-quality products and services to become even better.

Kemion focuses on developing and producing environmentally friendly alternatives for the market, in the field of dust binding and ice melting. The international ISO 14001 certificate sets environmental management requirements for the company. In the process, we have examined the environmental effects of our operations and set goals to reduce them. The certificate shows that Kemion is aware of its environmental impacts and strives to reduce them without compromising quality.


The company’s export project has been implemented as a part of the “Innovation and Skills in Finland 2021-2027 – EU regional and structural policy” programme. The goal of the export project is to expand to international markets in accordance with our vision.