Kemion background information

Environmentally friendly solutions

Kemion Oy is a Finnish chemical company whose business idea is to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for various customer needs in the field of chemical and process engineering. We are genuinely excited about chemistry and innumerable possibilities offered by it.

We are proud of our expertise and our position that we have achieved by innovative, reliable and excellent customer service. We operate in a responsible manner based on our values and ethical business practices.


Customer oriented approach
We listen and appreciate our customers

Solution oriented approach
We are an innovative company, and we are constantly creating new solutions for our customers

We act in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner and promote sustainable development and environment protection.
We do not compromise on safety of people, animals or the environment.
We are commited to the well-being and success of our stakeholders and staff.

The best chemistry

De-icing on a highway
Kemion produces the best chemistry and expertise in the following applications:
  • Anti-icing, de-icing, ice melting
  • Anti-freeze 
  • Dust binding, dust control, dust suppression 
  • Corrosion prevention, corrosion protection and consulting
Kemion customer promises:
  • The best chemical solutions under the brand Kemion®
  • World-class product and application know-how 
  • Excellent supply chain
  • Superior customer service

Added value for our clients


We enable clean breathing air and safe roads with top expertise and green chemistry based dust-binding and de-icing solutions.


The most expert green chemistry based dust-binding and de-icing service company in Northern Europe.

Kemion’s general operating policy is based on strategy and defines the framework for our quality and environmental goals. Read more about our general operating policy below.

The long and varied experience in practical chemistry

Kemion laboratory

Founder and CEO of the company is Mr. Timo Nissinen, M.Sc. (Chem.Eng.). Timo is responsible for company’s sales and business development. Since graduation he has worked in a variety of Kemira’s international trade businesses. In addtion to sales responsibilities he has worked in keen connection to R&D and product management and lead several international projects. Furthermore he has been an author in a number of scientific and trade journal articles and has involved in several inventions and patents.

Kemion’s applications and technology is managed by Mr. Jari Kukkonen, Lic.Sc. (Tech.). During his career, Jari has worked in different postion in the chemical industry such as research scientist, product development manager and new business starter for example at Kemira and small and medium enterprises.

Timo and Jari have been involved in a number of patents and inventions that have led to new businesses. They have also written scientific and commercial articles, for example. “Diesel engine emissions-reducing additive Denoxium”.