New biopolymer-based solutions for dust control.

Corrosion protection

We offer environmentally sustainable solutions for corrosion protection. Machinery used in agriculture and industry is often exposed to a corrosive environment.


For example, silage-making equipment such as forage harvesters and bagging machines are heavily corroded by the combined effect of mechanical stress of silage, acidic preservative agents, and water. This leads to the following problems that we intend to resolve:

  • Machinery exchange value is reduced
  • Service life is shortened
  • Maintenance costs increase
  • Increased bearing damage and breakdowns
  • Problems with electrical connections
  • Working safety deteriorates
  • Aesthetic disadvantages

Corrosion Stop

Washing and protective agent for work machines and metal surfaces

  • Environmentally friendly and safe corrosion protection method
  • Extends the service life of machines and equipment, maintenance intervals and increases their replacement value
  • Improves work safety by reducing the amount of acid produced during feed production
  • Suitable for agriculture, contains approved feed additives

Applications include, for instance, machines and equipment used in industry and agriculture, as well as other carbon steel surfaces prone to corrosion.


Corrosion inhibitor additive for aqueous solutions

  • Environmentally friendly and safe
  • Based on Kemion’s unique product composition

Areas of application include, for example, heat transfer fluids, cooling solutions and metal-working solutions.