Eco-Melter – de-icing power

When autumn turns to winter we meet a numbers of de-icing needs. Black ice forms without warning and stairs of houses and walkways get surprisingly slippery. Life simply becomes more difficult.

Earthmoving contractors might have problems when the soil loads freeze to the platforms and it is difficult to unload them. On the airfields and on the railways the winter time is very challenging and the maintenance requires high know-how and excellent operational infrastructure. The right chemistry and the well functioniong methods give many opportunities to fight against slipperiness and freezing.

Eco-Melter is a new product family of formate based de-icing and anti-icing chemicals either in liquid or crystal form. These products have been developed to an environment which demands extra power for de-icing with minimal corrosion and/or environmental impact.

Eco-Melter products represent the modern de-icing chemistry and are environmentally sustainable and rapidly biodegradable in the soil. They are also safe to use and have a low impact on different construction materials.

Eco-Melter containers in warehouse

Eco-Melter L
(Formate based solution)
Packaging: Bulk, 1 000 liters IBC-containers and 200 liters drums (4 per pallet)

Eco-Melter LN
(Formate based solution)
Packaging: Bulk, 1 000 liters IBC-containers and 200 liter drums (4 per pallet)

Liquid Eco-Melter L products react fast and immediately with snow and ice. They can be used either in preventive mode (anti-icing) or in reactive mode (de-icing). In preventing use Eco-Melter doesn’t allow surface to freeze and also prevents ice and snow to accumulate on the treated surface which later helps to remove ice and snow mechanically. Eco-Melter products are easy to apply and low freezing point (min. -50 °C) allows their use at low temperatures.

Eco-Melter bags in warehouse

Eco-Melter S
(Formate based granule)
Packaging: 1 000 kg big bags and 25 kg little bags (40 pieces per pallet)

Solid Eco-Melter S is an excellent solution for effective and long-acting de-icing.
The product has irregular granular form and after spreading it adheres and remains well on the treated surface. Ice melting speed and effectiveness can be improved by pre-wetting Eco-Melter S with liquid Eco-Melter L products. It has been found to be active at temperatures down to -15 ° C.

Eco-Melter products are completely chloride free and their pH is adjusted slightly basic. As a result, the inherent corrosive to metals and concrete is lower than with the conventional chloride salts. In number of laboratory and field experiments it has been found that the Eco-Melter products are fully decomposed to carbon dioxide and water in the soil before reaching the groundwater. For this reason the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) recommends replacing conventional road salt by formates in road de-icing on important groundwater areas.

Article about Eco-Melter experiences in the City of Lahti Finland, has been published.

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