Kemion® service products

We offer a competitive range of other chemical solutions. 

Our product range covers new cooling fluid Eco-Cooler and Corrosion Stop for effective material protection. We also offer traditional chemical products, such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, calcium chloride, glycerol, sodium hydroxide and sodium hypo chlorite and special products like sodium formate and potassium formate. 

We know product chemistry and technical characteristics associated with the products. We have also large knowledge of environmental and material impacts related to safe use of chemicals.

Eco-Cooler – heat transfer fluid

Eco-Cooler is an environmentally friendly cooling brine, based on an unique formulation of potassium formate and effective&safe inhibitors. It has following properties:

  • Low viscosity 
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • High specific heat capacity
  • Classified as harmless and non-flammable
  • Is readily biodegradable in the soil
  • As a concentrate Eco-Cooler’s freezing point is ca. -50 °C
  • It can be diluted with good quality tap water. 
    Dilution in volume 1:1 gives the freezing point of ca. -20 °C.

Packaging: Bulk, 1 000 liters containers and 200 liters drums (4 per pallet)

Corrosion Stop – Effective material protection

Machinery used in agriculture and industry is often exposed to corrosive environment. For example silage making equipment such as forage harvesters and bagging machines are heavily corroded by combined effect of mechanical stress of silage, acidic preservative agents and water. This leads to the following problems:

  • Machinery exchange value is reduced
  • Service life will be shortened
  • Maintenance cost will increase
  • Increased bearing damages and breakdowns
  • Problems with electrical connections
  • Working safety deteriorates
  • Aesthetic disadvantages

Organic chemical products

  • Potassium formate 75 %
  • Potassium formate 50 %
  • Sodium formate 23 %
  • Sodium formate solid
  • Sodium acetate solid
  • Glycerol 99 %

Inorganic chemical products

  • Calcium chloride solid
  • Calcium chloride 32 %
  • Sodium hypochlorite 10-15 %
  • Sodium hydroxide 20-50 %
  • Hydrochloric acid 33 %
  • Sulphuric acid 75 %