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Solving dust problems with environmentally friendly Eco-Binder products

Especially during summer time dust is encountered everywhere: unpaved roads, parks, construction sites, mines and in different industrial sectors. In most cases, dust is controlled by watering the area or material. However, watering during warm weather is ineffective as the moisture evaporates quickly from the surface. In addition, in some applications watering is not possible due to the wetting of the material. Therefore chemical solutions are needed for dust control.

Eco-Binder products give more powerful dust binding effect and they reduce the amount of dust control treatments. Because there are many dusting areas and materials, Kemion has developed various dust control agents, which affect in different ways. Eco-Binder products are based on hygroscopicity i.e. moisture binding, flocculation i.e. binding dust particles together, and reducing surface tension i.e. improving water penetration. Kemion also provides custom made solutions to meet the dust control needs of special materials.

Finnish Eco-Binder products are widely used for example in street dust prevention, dust dontrol on unpaved roads, and coating of piles. Eco-Binder products have long shelf life, making them easy to store. Products are also environmentally friendly, readily biodegradable and they do not contain any harmful substances.

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