New biopolymer-based solutions for dust control.

Reference story: Consolis Parma

Consolis Parma is Finland’s largest manufacturer of concrete elements. Consolis Parma supplies products for the needs of residential, office and infrastructure construction. Parma is a part of the Consolis Group, which is Europe’s largest producer of solutions based on concrete technology and a manufacturer of precast concrete parts. Consolis offeres solutions for the construction industry, rail traffic, infrastructure and urban construction. The company emphasizes life cycle wisdom and sustainable concrete construction. The environment is taken into account through responsible development of the built environment and professionally managed deliveries that utilize modern technology.

The environmental friendliness of Kemion’s products is important to Parma, as almost all of its factories are located in groundwater areas. In sensitive environmental areas, dust binding can only be done with suitable substances. The Finnish Environment Agency has studied substances suitable for groundwater areas and recommended Kemion’s products for use in Class 1 groundwater areas. Kemion focuses on developing and manufacturing products that are as environmentally friendly as possible, based on, for example, organic and biodegradable ingredients. Ecological alternatives are better for the environment because they do not burden the nature.

The cooperation between Kemion and Parma in the field of dust binding began in 2018 when the Eco-Binder F dust binding solution was tested at the Uurainen factory. The factory had problems with dust in the summer and they wanted to find an environmentally friendly solution to the problem. Dusting in the factory area is harmful, as it causes, for example, health, hygiene and environmental harm. In factory areas, dust also transfers indoors through clothes and it can cause harm to work machines or other equipments. Usually, water is used to dust bind but the summer heat evaporates the effect of water in a short time. With the help of suitable dust binding product, the effectivity and duration of dust binding can be extended. In addition, the amount of irrigation water, fuel costs and working hours can be reduced by choosing an effective bust binding product.

The experiences of the dust binding treatment with Eco-Binder F were positive and encouraged Parma to expand the use of the product to other factories as well. From 2020, in addition to Uurainen, four different factories started using the new, fully biodegradable Eco-Binder FS dust binding solution. Eco-Binder FS is especially suitable for binding fine dust, such as concrete dust. The solution effectively penetrates the treated material and prevents moisture from evaporating, thus guaranteeing longer-term effectiveness. At the Nastola factory, the product has been used since summer 2021 and we have received positive feedback about the effectiveness of product. We were especially praised for the fact that customer complaints caused by dusting have stopped after the dust binding treatment started.

Kemion’s dust binding solutions enable a longer-term effect on dust problems. Dusting in Parma’s factory areas are effectively was effectively controlled, so the cooperation will continue in the future as well, both in terms of dust binding and de-icing.

Read more about Parma’s sustainability goals here. More information about Kemion’s dust binding solutions can be found here.