Thoughts about the up-coming winter season from our Sales Engineer

Eco-Melter de-icing

Winter has come to Finland. Road maintenance companies have started de-icing operations to ensure safe roads. Preventing road slipperiness is particularly important for safety, especially at this time of the year, when many people still use summer tires and roads can be surprisingly slippery in the mornings. At the beginning of winter season, de-icing can be effectively done with liquid solutions and here at Kemion we provide an environmentally friendly- and cost-effective solution – Eco-Melter LN.

The first winter conditions are usually experienced during November. At that time, de-icing operations are also started on walkways and bikeways, usually by plowing and sanding. Often, however, the first frost may be followed by a longer period of plus weather. After sanding, the sand remains on the asphalt, and it often disturbs the users. In some cases, sanding in early winter could be avoided with enhanced mechanical and chemical de-icing, for example by using Eco-Melter S de-icing granules for ice-melting and de-icing. The advantages of Eco-Melter S granules compared to traditional road salt are its biodegradability and the long-term effect of granules as well as the better melting ability of the individual granule.

The disadvantages of de-icing products are a topic of conversation every winter. Road salting is known to cause cars to get dirty and rust. In addition, the use of salt is harmful to the environment, especially to vegetation and groundwater. However, chemical de-icing is often necessary to ensure safe and smooth traffic. The environmental effects of salting can be reduced in particularly sensitive areas, such as important groundwater areas, by using alternative biodegradable de-icing products. All of Kemion’s Eco-Melter products are biodegradable and suitable for use in groundwater areas as well.

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Wishing you a safe winter!

Santeri Joki
Sales Engineer
tel. +358 40 651 5262