New biopolymer-based solutions for dust control.

Eco-Cooler cooling brine – eco-friendly solution for ice rinks and other refrigeration applications

Environmentally friendly Eco-Cooler cooling brine is a great solution for ice rinks and arenas because of its excellent properties.

Preparation of the ice surfaces requires several professionals. In order to guarantee the quality of the ice, the technology and ice maintenance methods must be carefully carried out. Environmental friendliness is increasingly taken into account during the construction and operation of ice rinks and arenas.

Together with our partner, Suomen Tekojää Oy, Kemion Oy has supplied environmentally friendly Eco-Cooler cooling brine to several ice rinks and arenas. Cold brine runs through the pipes under the ice causing the formation of ice and keeps the ice temperature at the right level. Suomen Tekojää Oy is one of Finland’s largest suppliers of refrigeration technology and has delivered modern cooling solutions to hunderds of ice rinks and arenas around the world.

Innovative Eco-Cooler is a newcomer to Kemion’s environmentally friendly product range. Due to its excellent cooling properties, Eco-Cooler offers the best energy-efficient solution for heat transfer and refrigeration.

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