Corrosion Stop

Effective material protection for agricultural and industrial machines and equipment

Machinery used in agriculture and industry is often exposed to corrosive environment. For example silage making equipment such as forage harvesters and bagging machines are heavily corroded by combined effect of mechanical stress of silage, acidic preservative agents and water. This leads to the following problems:

  • Machinery exchange value is reduced
  • Service life will be shortened
  • Maintenance cost will increase
  • Increased bearing damages and breakdowns
  • Problems with electrical connections
  • Working safety deteriorates
  • Aesthetic disadvantages

Corrosion Stop is an excellent solution to prevent these problems.

It is safe and smart way to protect your equipment.

  • Contains only carefully selected feed approved agents
  • Improve working hygiene by reducing acid odour
  • Decreases the maintenance cost 
  • Increases the exchange value and life cycle of your equipment

Corrosion Stop is also suitable for the long term corrosion protection of equipment after the farming season. It is stable, easy to store and has a freezing point down to ca. -20 ° C.

Packaging: 5 liters (6 kg), 20 liters (24 kg), 1 000 liters IBCs 

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Korroosio Stop brochure

Download the brochure. In the brochure you will find such as technical data concerning the substance, as well as instructions for daily use.

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User Experience, published in the journal of Urakointiuutiset 9/2016

Condition of machines is a vital issue for Mr. Toni Harju who is working as an agricultrural contractor in the Western Finland. Harju, whose machines are heavily corroded by acidic preservatives, took Kemion’s Corrosion Stop on a trial basis. Read more about Mr. Harju’s experience and his innovativenes with Corrosion Stop washing method.

[ Download the article ]

Corrosion Testing, published in the journal of Käytännön Maamies 9/2016

Corrosion is a nasty phenomenon that significantly decreases the condition and value of the machinery. This is a burning issue especially in the production of silage. Learn how Kemion’s Corrosion Stop did the practical corrosion tests.

[ Download the article ]